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College of Law

The College of Law was established as the sixth college of CCU in October, 1998. It’ s primary goals to serve as a model of legal education as well as to promote legal knowledge in southern Taiwan. The College consists of two departments: the Department of General Law and the Department of Financial and Economic Law. The former comprises of the Legal Science Division and Legal Administration Division, including graduate programs (Master’s and PhD degrees) and a graduate certificate of law program; the latter comprises of graduate programs toward a master’s degree. The College has 32 full-time faculty members : 13 professors, 7 associate professors and 12 assistant professors, each with a doctoral degree in specialized fields such as constitutional laws, administrative laws, civil laws, criminal laws, financial & economic laws, social laws, international laws, etc. 867 students are currently studying in the College - with 571 in the Department of General Law and the rest in the Department of Financial and Economic Law.


In order to keep pace with the national as well as international trends, the College takes the following steps : maintaining traditional legal studies, developing multiple departments / institutions, integrating law and other academic fields, promoting international academic intercourse and cooperation, strengthening students’ foreign language capacity. In addition, the College is engaged in cultivating legal experts in the field of financial & economic laws, technology laws, social security laws and other special fields to meet the needs of the academia, government as well as an industrialized society.