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Ching-Jiang Learning Center

Ching-Jiang Learning Center was established in December 2008 in memory of the first president of National Chung Cheng University, Dr. Lin Ching-Jiang. Ching-Jiang Learning Center combines two existing centers, namely Ching-Jiang Life-long Learning Center and e-Learning Center, to emphasize and promote life-long learning education as well as e-Learning technology. As new IT technologies continue to enrich both learning technology and learning resources, the Center aims to play a leading role in continuing education and e-Learning by providing a cyber-learning environment for life-long learning education all over Taiwan.





The primary mission of the center is to improve learning effectiveness and teaching quality at the university through novel learning technologies. For campus students, the Center supports and maintains the e-course learning portal which provides an easy-to- use platform for students to read on-line courseware, synchronously and asynchronously discuss with teachers and classmates, to submit homework, and to take on-line assessments. For teachers, the Center provides logistics to manage courses, to upload class courseware, to discuss with students, and to maintain gradebook. The e-course platform has become the most important learning space for campus students. For off-campus students, the Center offers the best cyber university learning system in Taiwan. The Chung Cheng Cyber University currently offers three master degree programs and more than 30 high quality, government accredited on-line courses for off-campus students. It is the largest cyber university in Taiwan and it provides the largest amount of accredited courses and courseware.


The second mission of the Center is to offer continuing education services to its community. As life-long learning plays a crucial role in one’s lifetime, the Center provides an important role to its community by establishing a cyber-learning environment all over Taiwan. Wide variety of courses, including credit and non-credit courses, ranging from daily life health and exercise courses to research oriented courses, are offered year-round to adults as well as children of the community. To extend our services to a wider serving community, a new building located in Chia-Yi City has been opened since 2011. Our goal is to become the leading life-long learning education provider in the Yunlin-Chiayi area.