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Chih-Yuan Guest House

The Chih-yuan Guest House was designed and built by architects Lan, Chih-kuang and Chung, To-huan. Part of the construction project during the preparation stage of CCU, the Guest House has been providing accommodation services since 1991.


The Guest House aims to offer on-campus accommodation for visitors and honorable guests traveling from places afar. Surrounded by the Tranquility Lake, green meadows and woods, the Guest House resembles a country resort with its beautiful scenery.


The Guest House has 28 rooms in total. The rooms are available in three styles: Style A (or Jia), B (or Yi), C (or Bing). The Guest House also provides guest parking. Accommodation-applicants are required to register in the CCU Office of General Affairs and are responsible for the charges of the room. In addition to the Guest House, CCU also provides 12 rooms at Students’ Activity Center. CCU welcomes you to stay on campus.